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Designer for the web at @uidotdev. Living each day like it’s Pizza Day. she/her

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 23 Aug 2021

Hey friends! If you’re hiring, I’m looking for my next full-time gig.

I’m a designer, CSS developer, and illustrator, with strengths in creative leadership and cross-discipline collaboration.

Here’s a bit about what I’m looking for and what I’m good at:

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 11 Aug 2021

Launch day! Are you like me and love a fake movie within a movie? Or show within a show?

Check out Nestflix: the only platform for your favorite nested films and tv shows.


a background spread of movie and tv show titles with Nestflix logo (logomark is a set of Russian nesting dolls)

…replying to @lynnandtonic
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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 10 Aug 2020

Video description: caption says `display: grid;`, man grabs a block from a tower of horizontally and vertically balanced wood blocks and they all fall nicely into a single row, the caption updates to `display: flex;`

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 09 Jul 2020

Put together a timelapse of my CSS collector’s cabinet to show how it’s being drawn. 🎨

(This is after-the-fact, so it’s missing the trial and error and long pauses where I stare into the distance.)

Slow version:

2-min version 👇

Video description: timelapse of the illustration process

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 19 Dec 2019

When you see a Baby Yoda cookie hack you try the Baby Yoda cookie hack.

Decorated cookies of baby Yoda, some with Santa hats. Closeup of baby Yoda cookie.

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 26 Oct 2019

Started with a repeating bookshelf pattern and kept going with a little animation.

#divtober 26: 🔦 Dark

Video description: a flashlight searches shelves of books and stops on a pair of eyes blinking in the dark

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 14 Feb 2019

When I’m asked to estimate something.

Video description: Michael (Ted Danson in The Good Place), hurriedly tells Eleanor (Kristen Bell), “Between an hour and um, 11 months”

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 14 Jan 2019

Video description: Jessica Huang (Constance Wu in Fresh Off the Boat) throws an apple and hits a fleeing boy in the head, caption says “CSS”

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 28 Feb 2018

Hey “real” programmers, let’s try a thing.

The next time you lament how complicated CSS is or joke that it’s still hard to vertically center a <div>, email your boss and insist your CSS-writing coworker make as much money as you.

Use that snark for good.