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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 08 Nov 2022

Pug + Stylus 4 lyfe

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jade, stylus and coffeescript

Still the only types of languages you can show a non-tech person and they look at you with hope in their eyes like maybe they can do it too

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 07 Nov 2022

Aaaaah! Thanks y’all! 🥰

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We have another Jammies award winner! This time for the Personal Website of the Year. And the winner is......

🎉🔥 @lynnandtonic Congrats! 🔥🎉

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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 05 Nov 2022

A unique part of Twitter is how your stuff can break out of your usual circle of influence. Often for the worst but sometimes...

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Have we all visited ?


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Lynn Fisher @lynnandtonic · 01 Nov 2022

Need these as stickers

Safwat Saleem @safwat View tweet

Mailer 3 (i can't find the mailer 2 right now so skipping a number)

colorful, circular voting stickers depicting sad and sick emoji faces and text like “This sh*t makes me sad, but I voted anyway”